About HalalDays

We are a group of people who came together to achieve more than just one mission. An on the go personalized travel solutions brand, focusing on providing exceptional travel experience for all the globetrotters. From family friendly destinations to fascinating culinary tours, adventures cruise, rail journeys, camping, destination weddings, couple getaways, family/corporate events...you name it!

we're always looking for new ways to inspire you and your family's next holiday. With carefully curated destination weddings & honeymoon tours, we are sure you and your loved one will have an experience of a lifetime!

We started our journey in 2012 in a land that’s filled with rich culture & heritage, India. One of the pioneers in the concept of halal tourism in India, the company rose to prominence within a short span of time & have now expanded to the Maldives & UAE. We are also proud to be the first travel management company in the UAE to have introduced the ‘halal travel’ concept.

Our work ethics are born out of a true need to please our Creator in all we do, as long as we are here enjoying His bounties (you can see in each wonderful destination you visit or hear about). And hence, it is our duty as human beings to tread this wonderful world to bear witness to the sheer artistry of the Creator to get closer to Him.

From our personal & shared experiences, we came to realize that, it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel upholding the true spirit of it. From the knowledge earned during our personal expeditions, we then started designing our packages, with each destination carefully hand-picked, for you and your family to explore the wonders of the world.

So let’s come together and build a travel community that knows nothing, except to look forward for the next thrilling journey!